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Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael C. Burda, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Verein für Socialpolitik





Dear visitors of the website of the Verein für Socialpolitik,


As chairman of the largest German-speaking economists association, I am delighted to welcome you to our new website!


The Verein für Socialpolitik is the largest association of German-speaking economists in the world, with members from more than 20 countries, primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As one of the oldest societies of economists in the world, our organization aims to further the development of economics, social policy, and economics-oriented branches of business administration, history, sociology and political science as well as applied statistics and econometrics.


The Verein can look back on a long and eventful history. At the time of its founding in 1873, central Europe was marked by great economic and technological developments and opportunities, but also by great human inequality and suffering. The founders of our association were particularly moved by social conditions of the time. Rather than embracing socialism, they advocated judicious and well-informed reforms of the existing market system. The historical evolution of the Verein since then has mirrored that of central Europe, in both its highs and lows.


Gustav Schmoller, the founder and long-serving chairman of our association, once said: "Revolution always follows reaction, and is often cruel and more terrible – thus, every revolution must be prevented by timely reform. The great advances of mankind consist of substituting reform for revolution." With its 23 specialized Fachausschüsse (standing committees), the central aim of the Verein is to use economic analysis to achieve a better understanding of economic and social development of our society as well as the production, distribution and utilization of scarce resources in the service of the betterment of the human condition.



Michael Burda








Plakat Jahrestagung 2013

Annual Meeting 2013

"Competition Policy and Regulation in a Global Economy"


4. – 7. September 2013, Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf


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